Just Mortgages provides brokers with mental health support

Just Mortgages has announced measures to provide mental health support for both employed and self-employed brokers throughout the COVID-19 pandemic.

April marks Stress Awareness Month and the mortgage adviser suggested that one of the hidden dangers of the pandemic has been the impact on mental health.

Just Mortgages is giving regional managers training to identify potential warning signs and stated that whether this is a lack of ability to concentrate or moods that seem out of character, the manager’s role is to spot these potential clues and ask the right questions. In instances where there are concerns about a person’s mental wellbeing, the adviser said that its managers are trained to direct them to professionals who can provide the support they need.

For employed brokers, Just Mortgages also partners with Help Assured who provide employee wellbeing support. The Help Assured team is providing a confidential service for brokers to talk whenever they need to and offering specialist support on any subject.

The adviser also revealed it is putting on free weekly classes hosted by a personal trainer.

“We all have to go through mental health challenges at some point in our lives,” said Just Mortgages head of training, Rodney Sloan.

“The pandemic has created some incredibly difficult situations and it is totally normal for people to not feel their best. What we want to achieve is a culture where everyone feels comfortable saying ‘I’m not okay’.

“If we have a broken leg, we go to the doctor and we don’t feel apologetic or ashamed of doing it, we need to get to the stage where our mental health is seen the same way. It is not an easy thing to achieve, but we are putting in place measures to ensure when we don’t feel our best, we can get the support we need.”

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