BLOG: It’s all about Lifestyle. What’s the point in having money if it doesn’t make you happy?

An innovative approach to financial planning.

In our view, clients don’t really want financial products or investments.
They never have and never will.

What clients really want is the peace of mind and security of knowing where they are heading financially.
The financial products and investments are just a means of hopefully getting there.
It is all about knowing what they need to do to secure their desired lifestyle.
That’s the only thing that clients want: Lifestyle.
It is what they have worked hard for. It’s the one thing they want to keep.

Of course, lifestyle is different for everybody.
Some want or already have a ‘big lifestyle’, perhaps full of travel and in which material items play a part in the creation and maintenance of happiness.
Some want or already have a ‘little lifestyle’, enjoying simple pleasures that do not cost a lot.
Whichever way you look at it, it’s all about lifestyle.
It’s all about having enough money to enable you to do the things you want.
It’s all about the money that you have making you happy.

Our job at Hayden Kilkelly is to help clients understand “how much is enough?”.
That is, the amount they need to keep living the life they want.
We use a “tardis analogy” (we genuinely do have a tardis within our boardroom) whereby we imagine travelling forwards in time and visualising where we are and what we’re doing in the future. How much does the future cost?
Once we understand “how much”, our job is then to help clients accumulate it, manage it, protect it and, most importantly, ENJOY IT (before it’s too late!).
Too many people save for a rainy day and then fail to look out of the window and spot when it’s bucketing down outside.
We all know of people for whom life has been cut short, whether through unforeseen illness or accident.
If clients have built up sufficient liquid wealth to enable them to work their way through their ‘bucket list’, we at Hayden Kilkelly see it as part of our role to encourage clients to go out into the rain and make it happen.

We find that clients like pictures.
They are easier to understand than spreadsheets full of numbers.
We seek to turn numbers into pictures, enabling clients to visualise their financial future.
The visuals we create are ‘lifetime financial plans’ and we can make any number of adjustments over time with a view to ensuring that the end-picture remains on track to be achieved.

Financial products are just ‘tools in the bag’ used, when required, to get the job done.
Sometimes clients don’t need any products, but this doesn’t detract from the immense value to be gained via our lifestyle financial planning service.

Hayden Kilkelly are winners!
At the 2019 MoneyAge awards, held at the Waldorf Hilton in London, Hayden Kilkelly were recognised as being the leading Financial Adviser Firm of the Year for our size of business.
We are both proud and delighted that our innovative approach to financial planning has been recognised nationally at such a prestigious awards ceremony.

If you are interested in planning ahead with a view to achieving a desired lifestyle,
or if you are keen to maintain the lifestyle you have worked so hard to build,
why not get in touch?

Hayden Kilkelly are independent, chartered financial planners.
We are committed to upholding high professional standards. We provide lifetime financial planning, and this can include pension transfer advice, investment planning, financial and tax planning, personal protection, and business financial planning.
Our aim is to help clients to understand and achieve their financial goals and to ensure that clients enjoy their money.
What’s the point of having money if it doesn’t make you happy?

Hayden Kilkelly can be contacted on 01384 900230 or via email:
The company is located at HK House, 6-8 Enville Road, Wall Heath, Kingswinford, West Midlands, DY6 0JT and can be found online at

Hayden Kilkelly Independent Financial Advisors Ltd is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority.

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